When discussing the top 20 large cities in China, there are various lists and criteria used for ranking. However, based on the information provided in the reference articles, here is a list of 20 major cities in China (in no particular order):

  1. Beijing (北京) – The capital city and a major political, cultural, and international exchange center.
  2. Shanghai (上海) – An economic hub, international financial center, and a leading city in terms of urban development.
  3. Shenzhen (深圳) – A special economic zone and a global technology and innovation hub.
  4. Guangzhou (广州) – A major city in South China, known for its economic strength and vibrant culture.
  5. Hangzhou (杭州) – A city renowned for its beautiful scenery, especially the West Lake, and its strong digital economy.
  6. Chongqing (重庆) – A megacity and municipality directly under the central government, known for its mountainous terrain and unique urban landscape.
  7. Tianjin (天津) – A port city and economic center in North China, adjacent to Beijing.
  8. Chengdu (成都) – The capital of Sichuan province, known for its relaxed lifestyle, rich cuisine, and cultural attractions.
  9. Wuhan (武汉) – A major city in Central China, famous for its river crossings and being a major transportation hub.
  10. Nanjing (南京) – The capital of Jiangsu province, a historical and cultural city with many tourist attractions.
  11. Xi’an (西安) – The capital of Shaanxi province, an ancient city with a rich historical and cultural heritage.
  12. Zhengzhou (郑州) – A city in Henan province, serving as an important transportation hub in China.
  13. Changsha (长沙) – The capital of Hunan province, a city with a strong economy and cultural influence.
  14. Suzhou (苏州) – A city in Jiangsu province, famous for its classical gardens and beautiful water towns.
  15. Qingdao (青岛) – A coastal city in Shandong province, known for its beautiful beaches and strong economic development.
  16. Dongguan (东莞) – A city in Guangdong province, known for its manufacturing industry and strong economic growth.
  17. Ningbo (宁波) – A city in Zhejiang province, serving as a major port and economic center in the region.
  18. Xiamen (厦门) – A coastal city in Fujian province, known for its beautiful scenery and developed economy.
  19. Shenyang (沈阳) – The capital of Liaoning province, an important industrial city in Northeast China.
  20. Jinan (济南) – The capital of Shandong province, a cultural and economic center in East China.