In Gongzhuling, a bustling city in China, the list of the top 20 most popular technical companies would be as follows:

1. Alibaba Cloud – A leading digital platform offering cloud computing and related services.
2. Huawei Technologies – A globally renowned technology company with strong focus on telecommunications infrastructure and devices.
3. Tencent Holdings – One of the biggest tech companies in China, known for its gaming platform and other internet services.
4. Baidu Inc. – A major search engine company in China, also involved in artificial intelligence development.
5. DJI Technology Co., Ltd. – A global leader in drone technology, offering professional and consumer-grade drones.
6. Xiaomi Corporation – A Chinese tech giant known for its smartphones, smart home devices, and other hardware products.
7. TISCO (Telecom India Limited) – A major telecommunications company in India, providing mobile services, broadband, and other communications solutions.
8. Sichuan Chengdu Smart City Co., Ltd. – A city development company focusing on the smart transformation of cities in Chengdu, China.
9. NetEase Inc. – A Chinese internet company offering a range of online services including gaming, music, news, and more.
10. Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. – A global leader in video surveillance technology, providing high-resolution cameras and security systems.

This list represents the companies with the highest popularity among technical businesses in Gongzhuling, China.