The Report Certificate of a Trade Company operating in Zhuanghe, China, would typically contain detailed information about the company’s business activities.

1. **Company Information**: The certificate would start by listing the name and registered address of the trading company.

2. **Registration Details**: It includes the registration number, the type (e.g., limited liability), and the date when the company was officially registered.

3. **Trade Certificate**: This part details any licenses or permits that the company has obtained to operate in Zhuanghe’s trade sector.

4. **Financial Performance Report**: This is typically an attachment that shows the company’s financial status, including income statements and balance sheets.

5. **Latest Updates**: The certificate might also include a section indicating if there have been any recent changes or developments relevant to the company.

In summary, the Report Certificate of a Trade Company operating in Zhuanghe would provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s legal standing, operations, and financial performance.