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Included in this Verification

  • Company Registration Details
  • Official Company Name
  • Organization Code
  • Registration Number
  • Company Type
  • Contact Information
  • Uniform Social Credit Code
  • Date of Establishment
  • Operating Period
  • Registration Authority
  • Registered Address
  • Business Scope
  • Company Shareholders
  • Shareholder Name
  • Shareholder Holding
  • Date of Latest Investment
  • Company Directors
  • Director Name
  • Director Title
  • Branches & Subsidiaries
  • Branches
  • Subsidiaries
  • Court Information
  • Court Record
  • Court Announcement
  • Suspected Actual Controller
  • Controller Name
  • Controller Shareholding Ratio

  • UBO
  • Owner Name
  • Owner Shareholding Ratio
  • Owner Equity chain

Sample Verification

Handmade company verification report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my verification report?

We process China Essential Verification report in 1 working day. In general you will receive your report within 24 hours, excluding weekends. Note that our reports are manually researched and verified using live information sources, and are not automatically generated.

What does a China Essential Verification report cover?

This report covers the verification of a single entity registered in Mainland China.

Where does the information come from?

The information provided in this report is taken from official government lived data sources.

What if I don’t have enough “identifying information”?

If the information you submit is insufficient for us to perform the verification, we will email you to ask for more details. Providing more detailed information helps us to ensure the accuracy of our verification and provide you with your report quicker.