The technical company in Guangxi, China, is known as Guizhou Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (GTTC).

Guizhou Telecommunications Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 by the government of Guizhou Province. The company’s primary focus is on providing telecommunications services to various industries and individuals in Guizhou Province.

Today, GTTC operates a wide range of telecommunications services, including fixed-line telephony, mobile broadband services, internet access services, satellite television services, and data transmission services.

In addition to its core telecoms services, GTTC also provides other ancillary services, such as network management services, customer service and support services, content delivery networks (CDNs) solutions, and cloud computing solutions.

Overall, Guizhou Telecommunications Co., Ltd. plays a pivotal role in providing telecommunications services in Guizhou Province, China. The company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and reliability has helped it establish itself as one of the leading telecoms service providers in China.