In Haikou, the city renowned for its technological advancements, there reside some of the most popular and influential tech companies.

1. Haikou Tech Hub – A premier innovation center fostering emerging technologies.
2. OceanTech Solutions – Specializing in marine technology solutions for sustainable growth.
3. AI Brain Lab – A cutting-edge facility dedicated to artificial intelligence research.
4. CloudTech Holdings – A cloud computing company offering scalable services to businesses.
5. SmartCity Solutions – Proposing innovative urban solutions using technology to enhance city living.
6. BioTech Genomics – Specializing in genomic technologies for personalized medicine and genetic research.
7. CyberSec Technologies – Providing cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses and individuals from digital threats.
8. GreenEnergy Innovators – Focusing on renewable energy technologies that promote sustainability.
9. Blockchain Solutions Group – Expanding the reach of blockchain technology through innovative solutions for various industries.
10. HealthTech Medical Devices – Designing and manufacturing cutting-edge medical devices utilizing technology to improve patient care.