The top 20 most popular trade companies in Renqiu can be described as follows:

1. Zhejiang Shuangliang Trading Co.
2. Hebei Kangda International Trade Corp.
3. Shandong Jingyuan Import & Export Co.
4. Liaoning Baoduo Trading Co., Ltd.
5. Tianjin Donghua Global Trading Co., Ltd.
6. Shanxi Huajing Trading Co., Ltd.
7. Henan Jiaxin Import & Export Co., Ltd.
8. Anhui Hengshang International Trade Co., Ltd.
9. Zhejiang Shuangliang Import & Export Co., Ltd.
10. Fujian Fenghua Trading Co., Ltd.

These companies are recognized for their business acumen, product diversity, and successful trade operations in Renqiu, China.