In Qiqihar, a city known for its strong technological presence, the differences among technical companies can be well-delineated.

1. Industry Specialization: The first noticeable difference is the sector they operate in. Some might focus on software development, while others might be involved in automation equipment or renewable energy technologies.

2. Size and Structure: Companies operating in Qiqihar can differ greatly in terms of size. Some might be small start-ups with a few employees, whereas larger firms could employ hundreds or even thousands.

3. Innovation and R&D: Another crucial difference is the level of innovation and research and development (R&D) these companies engage in. Some might focus more on existing products, while others strive to create groundbreaking technologies.

Overall, the differences among technical companies in Qiqihar lie in their industry focus, company size, innovation drive, and strategic positioning within the local technological landscape.