To verify a technical company in Jiyuguan, a process similar to that of verifying companies in any other region would be followed. Here’s a general outline:

1. **Research Online**: The first step is to search for the company online using reputable search engines like Google or Baidu.

2. **Company Registration Details**: Look for information on the company registration website specific to Jiyuguan. This could be the local administrative bureau responsible for business registrations.

3. **Check Official Documents**: If available, verify the technical company’s certificate of incorporation, business license, and any other relevant documents issued by the local government.

4. **Contact Information Validation**: Verify that the contact information provided on the company website or official documents is accurate.

5. **Industry Reputation**: Check industry reputation through references, testimonials, or online reviews.

Once these steps are completed, you would have a thorough verification of the technical company in Jiyuguan.