To verify a technical company in Longyan, follow these steps:

1. **Check the Company Registration**: The first step is to ensure that the company exists and has been registered with the local government. You can do this by visiting the City Administration or looking up information on their official website.

2. **Review the Company Profile**: Look for the company’s details on relevant business platforms, such as the Longyan Business Registry or the national enterprise credit information system (ECIIS).

3. **Check Online Reviews**: Assess the reputation of the company by reading customer reviews on third-party review sites like Yelp or Google.

4. **Verify Technical Capabilities**: If the company is involved in technical services, check their certifications and qualifications from recognized organizations.

5. **Contact the Company Directly**: Finally, if all the above steps confirm the technical company’s legitimacy, you can directly contact them to discuss further needs or verify specific projects they have completed.