Verifying a technical company in Ruzhou, a city in China’s Henan Province, involves several steps. Here’s an outline of the process:

1. Research Online: Start by searching for the company’s name along with “Ruzhou”, “Technical Company” or similar keywords. Check official websites, business directories, and reputable review platforms.

2. Verify Registration: Look for any registration information provided by the Chinese government through agencies like the Business Administration Bureau or the Industrial and Information Technology Department.

3. Check Company Profile: If the company has a profile on professional networks, business forums, or LinkedIn, verify their information against what you’ve found online.

4. Contact Verification: Reach out to the company directly via email, phone, or their official website. Request them to confirm their Ruzhou location and technical standing.

By following these steps, you should be able to verify a technical company in Ruzhou with a reasonable degree of confidence.