Verifying a technical company in Sichuan, China involves several steps. Here’s a detailed description:

1. Research Online: Begin by searching the company’s name online, especially on platforms like Baidu, Weibo, or their official website.

2. Verify Registration Information: Check if the company is registered with local authorities, such as the Sichuan Administration for Industry and Information (AI&I).

3. Assess Technical Capabilities: Look into the company’s technical achievements, projects completed, certifications they hold, and any press releases or news articles about their work.

4. Check Reviews and Feedback: Visit review platforms specific to the industry, like DZAJ.CN (Sichuan’s business information platform) or Douban for general feedback on the company.

5. Seek Professional Consultancy: If still unsure, consider hiring a local lawyer or business consultant who can provide legal and professional verification of the technical company.