To verify a trade company in Cangzhou, a detailed process can be outlined as follows:

1. **Research Online**: Begin by searching the company’s name on credible business directories or search engines like Google, Baidu (Chinese), or Yahoo (global).

2. **Verify registration**: Check if the company is registered with local authorities. In Cangzhou, this might involve visiting the City Administrative Bureau’s business registration section.

3. **Check company records**: Obtain a copy of the company’s registration certificate, which should include details such as the company number and its legal address in Cangzhou.

4. **Confirm business activities**: If possible, verify that the company is actively engaged in trade or related activities. This can often be found on their official website or through industry associations they might belong to.

5. **Consider professional verification**: If you are not confident in your ability to verify the company’s authenticity, consider hiring a local lawyer or business consultant who can assist you with this process.