In Hegang, a city located in northeastern China, verifying a trade company involves several steps. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. **Legal Documentation**: The first step is to obtain the relevant legal documents for the company. This includes the Business License (also known as “营业执照”), which serves as proof of legal existence.

2. **Company Registration**: If the company is new, it needs to be registered with the local administrative department responsible for business registration. This will provide a unique identifier for the company.

3. **Online Verification**: In today’s digital era, many official platforms allow verification through online systems. For Hegang, you could check the city’s government website or use authorized business information platforms.

4. **Personal Inspection**: In some cases, especially when dealing with large companies or well-established industries, it may be necessary for a person to physically visit the company premises for verification.

Remember that verifying a trade company in any location can vary slightly depending on local regulations and practices.