To verify a trade company in Jinchang, a process similar to one followed in a standard business verification context is outlined below:

1. **Company Inquiry**: Begin by contacting the company directly through their official email or phone number provided on their website.

2. **Documentation Check**: Request the necessary documents for a trade company, which typically include licenses, registrations, certificates of incorporation, and company profiles.

3. **Online Verification**: Use credible online databases or search engines to verify the company’s registration details and any recent news or mentions about them.

4. **Physical Inspection (Optional)**: If possible, visit the company’s registered office in Jinchang to personally inspect their facilities and operations.

5. **Consensus Formation**: Based on the gathered information, form a consensus view regarding the authenticity and legitimacy of the trade company.

Remember that the process may vary depending on the specific company and the requirements of your verification purpose.