The Report Certificate of a Trade Company in Jilin, China would typically contain crucial information regarding the commercial entity.

1. **Company Information**: It would start by listing the name and legal identity of the trade company, often registered as “Trade Co., Ltd. of Jilin”.

2. **Location and Registry**: The certificate would specify the location where the company operates, such as “City of Changchun, Jilin Province”.

3. **Trading Status and Certification**: It would confirm that the company is legally authorized to engage in trade activities, often accompanied by relevant licenses or permits.

4. **Financial Data and Audits**: If applicable, the certificate might include a brief overview of the company’s financial performance, along with any recent audits conducted.

5. **Commitment and Responsibility**: Lastly, the report certificate would emphasize that the company is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in its trading practices.

This certificate serves as an official document representing the trade company in Jilin, China.