A Report Certificate for a Trade Company in Kaili, a city located in southern China’s Guizhou Province, would typically outline the following details:

1. **Company Name and Registration**: It would state the official name of the trade company along with its registration number unique to Kaili.

2. **Location and Address**: The certificate would include the physical address where the trading operations are conducted.

3. **Trade Activities Overview**: This section would outline the types of goods or services being traded by the company, as well as any relevant licenses or permits.

4. **Auditing Report**: If an audit has been carried out recently, this section would provide a summary of the auditing results.

5. **Certification Date and Witness Information**: The certificate would specify the date it was issued along with details about any witnesses to the issuance process.

Overall, the report certificate serves as a legal document proving the authenticity and validity of the trade company in Kaili.