In Anshan, the tech landscape is abuzz with the top 20 most popular technical companies. These establishments have not only carved out a strong presence but also contributed significantly to the growth and innovation of the city.

1. TechXcel – A leader in software development.
2. EnergyTech Solutions – Propelling Anshan’s renewable energy sector.
3. InnovateAI – At the forefront of artificial intelligence research.
4. DataMasters Inc. – Specializing in big data analytics and management.
5. CloudBridge Solutions – Driving seamless integration for cloud-based applications.
6. Cybernetics Dynamics – Focused on advanced cybersecurity technologies.
7. BioTech Frontier – A biotechnology hub, fostering innovation in medical Research.
8. Artificially Intelligent Robotics – A pioneer in AI robotics, shaping the future of automation.
9. Materials Science Innovations – A materials science company driving innovations in new materials.
10. Environmental Tech Solutions – Providing eco-friendly solutions to support Anshan’s sustainable growth.

This list is not exhaustive but it represents some of the most prominent and influential tech companies in Anshan.