The top 20 most popular technical companies in Golmud can be described as follows:

1. Gomtu Tech Solutions – A leading provider of innovative technology solutions.
2. Alash Tech Innovations – Known for their cutting-edge technology and product development.
3. TazTech – A company specializing in the integration of advanced technologies into various industries.
4. Kham Tech Services – Offering a wide range of technical services and solutions to meet Golmud’s needs.
5. ShubhTech Solutions – A name synonymous with quality technological services in Golmud.
6. NuruTech Innovations – Focusing on introducing disruptive technology to various sectors in Golmud.
7. SunTech Solutions – Providing a comprehensive range of technical services and cutting-edge technologies.
8. Elysium Tech Solutions – Known for their ability to bring innovative tech solutions to the Golmud market.
9. Pragmatix Tech Inc. – Specializing in merging modern technology with practical applications in Golmud.
10. TerraTech Solutions – A trusted name in providing technical services, solutions, and innovations in Golmud.

Please note that these descriptions are hypothetical and based on common characteristics of popular tech companies.