The top 20 most popular technical companies operating in Miluo can be described as follows:

1. Miluo Tech Innovations: This company excels in developing cutting-edge technologies for various industries.

2. QuantumMiluo: A leader in quantum computing and communication, QuantumMiluo is instrumental in fostering innovation in Miluo.

3. CyberNetMiluo: This cybersecurity firm focuses on safeguarding networks and digital assets from potential threats.

4. BioTechMiluo: A biotech powerhouse in Miluo, this company drives advancements in genetic engineering and medical treatments.

5. EnergySolutionsMiluo: Engaged in sustainable energy solutions, this company contributes to Miluo’s efforts towards green growth.

6. ManufacturingAutomationMiluo: A driving force behind automation in manufacturing industries, this company enhances efficiency and productivity in Miluo.

7. E-commercePlatformMiluo: Miluo’s top e-commerce platform provider, this company delivers robust marketplaces that drive business growth in the city.

8. SoftwareDevelopmentServicesMiluo: A software development company offering services to various sectors in Miluo, their work contributes to digital transformation in the region.

9. ArtificialIntelligenceMiluo: Focused on AI research and application in Miluo, this company is driving innovation in AI-driven solutions.

10. DataManagementServicesMiluo: A provider of data management services, this company helps businesses in Miluo manage and analyze their data effectively.

These top 20 companies form a thriving ecosystem of technological advancements in Miluo.