In Ulanqab, the northeastern region of China, there are indeed several popular and technologically advanced companies. Here is a description of the top 20:

1. Huawei Technologies: Known for its telecommunications equipment and innovative smartphones.
2. Qihoo 360: A leading cybersecurity company providing software, services, and hardware solutions.
3. Lenovo Group: A global technology company offering personal computers, servers, and mobile devices.
4. SuperMap Information Technology Co., Ltd.: A GIS-related company specializing in spatial information processing, analysis, and management.
5. Sinopec Engineering Corporation: A leading chemical engineering company involved in petrochemical projects and refining operations.
6. Alstom Transportation China: A subsidiary of French rail equipment manufacturer Alstom, specialized in urban transportation solutions.
7. Baosteel Group Co., Ltd.: A major steelmaker in China with a wide range of products for industrial use.
8. Huawei Smart City Solutions: A division of Huawei focusing on providing smart city solutions such as IoT infrastructure and data management systems.
9. CNOOC Limited: A Chinese state-owned oil and gas company involved in exploration, production, and refining activities.
10. ZTE Corporation: A telecommunications equipment and mobile device manufacturer offering services and solutions globally.

These are the top 20 technologically advanced companies in Ulanqab, China. They contribute significantly to the region’s technological growth and development.