In Yanji, a technologically advanced company would exhibit significant differences compared to traditional or less innovative firms in the area.

1. Technology Stack: Such a company would likely be at the forefront of using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, blockchain, or Internet of Things (IoT).

2. Innovation Culture: A tech firm in Yanji would foster an environment that encourages continuous innovation and risk-taking.

3. Advanced Manufacturing: This company might employ advanced manufacturing techniques such as automation, robotics, 3D printing, or advanced quality control systems.

4. Digital Transformation: Such a company would likely be at the forefront of transforming their business operations and customer experiences through digital means.

In summary, a technologically advanced company in Yanji would exhibit significant differences from traditional firms by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation culture, employing advanced manufacturing techniques, embracing digital transformation, and ultimately driving sustainable growth.