A difference-of-trade (DoT) company in Jiangyin, China, operates under the principle that it specializes in exporting or importing goods that are in high demand but not locally produced.

In Jiangyin, a DoT company might focus on exporting agricultural products like rice and soybeans, which are Jiangyin’s main agricultural outputs. The company would source these products locally, while its competitors in other regions may specialize in producing these items.

On the importing side, the DoT company could target imported industrial raw materials or finished goods that are not locally available. This would allow Jiangyin-based companies to expand their production capabilities and meet global market demands.

In summary, a difference-of-trade company in Jiangyin operates by identifying exportable local products and importable niche goods for its clients. This enables the company to facilitate cross-border trade, benefiting both the domestic and international economies.