To verify a technical company in Dandong, China, you would follow these steps:

1. **Check the Company Registration**: Visit the local government’s administrative department, usually the Bureau of Industry and Information, to obtain the registered company information. This will include the company registration number, business scope, and legal representative.

2. **Verify Online Resources**: Search for the company on official business platforms like the China Corporate Information Query System (CCIQS), as well as online directories like Baidu Business or Tencent Enterprise.

3. **Check Reviews and Recommendations**: Look for customer reviews and testimonials either on the company’s website, third-party review sites, or social media channels.

4. **Contact the Company Directly**: If possible, try contacting the company through their official email address or phone number provided on their website. A well-informed employee can give you more credibility checks.

By following these steps, you will have a comprehensive way to verify a technical company in Dandong, China.