To verify a technical company in Hohhot, Mongolia, you would follow these steps:

1. **Company Registration**:
Check if the company has been legally registered with蒙古国工商注册机构 (State Register of Enterprises). You can access this information online or by contacting the registration authority.

2. **Industry Accreditation**:
Look for any specific industry accreditation that the technical company might hold. For example, in IT, they may be certified by Microsoft or Cisco.

3. **Online Presence**:
Verify the company’s digital presence by checking their official website (if available), social media accounts, and business listing platforms.

4. **Customer Reviews**:
Though not a direct verification method, reading customer reviews about the technical company can provide insight into its performance and reliability.

Remember that verifying a technical company in Hohhot may take some time and effort due to the need for multiple checks.