To verify a technical company in Hunchun, a systematic process can be outlined as follows:

1. **Research Online**: Begin by searching the company’s name along with “Hunchun”, “Technical Company”, or any related keywords. This will provide you with initial information about the company.

2. **Check Official Websites**: Visit the company’s official website (if available) to verify their legitimacy, services offered, and contact details.

3. **Verify Registration**: Check if the company is registered with local authorities like the Hunchun Bureau of Industry and Information. You can often find registration details on the government’s business registry portal.

4. **Check Reviews and Reputation**: Look for customer reviews or feedback about the company to evaluate its reliability and quality of services.

5. **Contact Directly**: If after thorough research, you are still unsure about the company’s authenticity, consider contacting their representatives directly for clarification.

Remember, verifying a technical company in Hunchun can take time, but following these steps should provide a reliable method to ensure your verification is accurate.