To verify a trade company in Erenhot, a process involving several steps is followed:

1. **Registration**: First, the trade company needs to be registered with the local administrative authority in Erenhot. This involves providing relevant documentation such as business registration certificate, company constitution, and tax identification.

2. **Inspection**: The trade company will then undergo an inspection by the Economic and Trade Bureau (ETB) of Erenhot. This may involve on-site visits to verify company premises, equipment, and operations.

3. **Document Review**: The ETB will review all relevant documents provided during registration and inspection. This ensures that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

4. **Feedback and Action**: If everything checks out, the trade company will receive a confirmation from the Erenhot ETB. Any outstanding issues or recommendations for improvement may be communicated at this stage.

In summary, verifying a trade company in Erenhot involves registration with local authorities, inspection by economic bureaus, document review, feedback, and potential actions to improve.