To verify a trade company in Liaocheng, a process similar to one in a formal setting can be outlined as follows:

1. **Identity Check**: The first step is to gather the company’s legal name and any registered business identifiers such as the Corporate Registration Number.

2. **Online Search**: Use official databases or search engines like Baidu (China) or Google (Global). Make sure to check both the city-level Liaocheng and national level results.

3. **Company Profile Review**: If the company appears in a verified directory or business listing, carefully review their information including contact details, registered address, industry sectors, etc.

4. **Check Reviews and Ratings**: Look for reviews from customers or industry peers. Positive feedback is usually a good sign.

5. **Contact verification**: If you are still unsure about the authenticity of the company, reach out to their customer service or business development team. A genuine company should be prompt in responding.

Remember that verifying trade companies can involve a significant amount of research and communication. If you are conducting business with foreign companies, it’s advisable to seek assistance from professionals experienced in international trade verification.