To verify a trade company in Linyi, a process similar to that of verifying businesses in many cities follows these steps:

1. **Checking the Regulatory Documents**: The first step is to access official databases maintained by local authorities. These typically include business registration and licensing information.

2. **Verify Company Information**: Search for the company’s name, registered trade mark (if applicable), and any unique identification numbers like company registration codes.

3. **Check Online Presence**: Visit the company’s official website or their business pages on major e-commerce platforms like Alibaba or Taobao.

4. **Contact the Company Directly**: If possible, try to contact the company directly through their provided phone number or email address. A genuine company will respond promptly.

5. **Observe Local Business Practices**: Visiting the company’s physical location, if available, can also help verify its authenticity by observing local business norms and practices.

By following these steps, you can effectively verify a trade company in Linyi.