To verify a trade company in Tongchuan, a process similar to that for verifying businesses in any region follows these steps:

1. **Company Registration**: First, you need to confirm if the company has been legally registered in Tongchuan. This can typically be done by visiting the local Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Affairs (BIAC).

2. **Business License**: A verified trade company should possess a valid business license issued by Tongchuan’s government. You can check these licenses online through the BIAC website.

3. **Online Presence**: A legitimate trade company will have an active presence on business directories, social media platforms, and other relevant digital channels. You can search for the company’s profile to verify this.

4. **Referrals and Reviews**: Ask for referrals from the company itself or from their clients who have worked with them. Check online reviews for any red flags.

By following these steps, you can effectively verify a trade company in Tongchuan.