The introduction of a technical company operating under a license in Dongtai would involve several key aspects.

1. Company Profile: The company would be presented, including its name, registered location (Dongtai), and the primary area or industry it serves.

2. Technical Expertise: A detailed explanation of the technical services offered by the company, such as software development, engineering solutions, or IT consulting.

3. License Information: The company’s license details would be shared. This could include the type of license (e.g., a software development permit), expiration date, and any relevant regulatory bodies.

4. Impact on Dongtai: The contribution of this technical company to the local economy and community would be highlighted. This could include job creation, technology transfer, or participation in local events.

In summary, introducing a technical company operating under a license in Dongtai involves sharing its profile, technical offerings, license details, impact on the local area, and any relevant partnerships or collaborations.